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I design user interfaces in Orlando, Florida. That's the gist of it. UI & UX design, plus development of the UI are my specialities. I use tools such as Sketch, InVision, and Principle to propose and iterate over designs. I'm a big fan of interacting with users directly for input. It's always about putting the user first.

I'm fluent with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. More specifically — HAML, SCSS, jQuery if need be, and some JavaScript frameworks too. I've been at it for over 10 years now. I think my skills have come along nicely…

For more details have a look below. Reach out if you'd like to talk about an opportunity.

  • Native and Web UI/UX
  • Sketch, InVision, Principle Guru
  • HTML, CSS, and artfully name-spaced JavaScript


UI Developer & UX Design

As Lead UI Developer of the Connect Suite product I've successfully redesigned a multitude of applications vital to branch offices throughout the United States. I initially helped develop a modern framework to house the applications that fall under the Connect Suite name. This involved consolidating duplicate features into one uniform experience among many other changed and optimizations.

Now, I continue to perfect and expand features throughout the suite, while also working to add mobile (tablet) user workflows to application features where it makes sense.

  • Created an entirely new UI that includes a new, more efficient, workflow for users. (Connect POS)
  • Successfully redesigned AAA's travel and insurance lead generation application. (Connect SAM)
  • Designed an interface for travel agents to interact with passenger name records. (Connect PNR)
  • I am currently working on new interfaces for a customer comment routing application. (Connect Comments)
  • In person user shadowing at branches across the United States to collect feedback and data for current interface implementations.
  • Hosting webinars to demonstrate various features and collect user feedback.
  • Presenting new interfaces to clubs at an annual national office conference in front of branch managers from around the country.
  • Implementing the necessary UI patterns into the Connect Suite framework using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Created and maintain the Connect Suite style guide.

Web Developer With Focus on UI

OmniTicket is a world leader of online and turnstile ticket sales. I’ve had the opportunity to work with employees and clients in countries including Australia, Italy, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to name a few. Some notable projects of mine consist of Floriade, Walt Disney World’s Florida Resident Ticket Sales website, and lastly California Science Center’s ticket sales website which now employs HTML 5, CSS 3, and jQuery for AJAX calls and transitions.

Sikes Media, LLC

By leveraging my skill set I’ve been able to successfully launch and maintain a host of web services that thousands of users rely on monthly. Two successful websites include Retweet.it which sold retweets on Twitter, and Twittley.com which offered a Retweet button before Twitter offered such a feature.

Graphic Artist

While with Apartment Promotions I completely transformed their Graphic Arts workflow into a streamlined and efficient process. I was in charge of the company website design and maintenance, all technical matters within the company, as well as delegating and managing graphic arts projects to a team of 3 graphic artists.


NN/g UX Certificate

NN/g's training and UX Certification program offers in-depth, targeted learning about the most important UX topics and effective UX techniques.

1008018 – https://www.nngroup.com/ux-certification/verify/


Keiser University

Computer Graphics & Web Design – Associate of Science


"Joey directly reported to me at OmniTicket Network and it was clear early on that he had a bright career ahead of him.

He is the complete package; a technically savvy leader with great business sense. He excels at bridging the development and executive worlds in large enterprise environments.

Joey is an entrepreneur at heart and brings his dedicated passion and know-how with him in every initiative he takes on. Thinking outside the box is natural to him and failure is never an option. He is truly an asset to any company he chooses to work with."

– Bryan Olson