Hello—I’m Joey Sikes. Welcome to my site. From a young age, I’ve had an interest in computers and gadgets. I still vividly remember the first personal computer my family purchased. It was a multi-purpose machine made by QMS that was nicknamed The Taco. The Taco was a monstrous computer with a 33MHz processor, 500MB of disk space, and a 14.4K dial-up modem. This computer led to my first experience online. Browsing the Mobile Area Freenet, a bulletin board system that existed from the early to mid-’90s.

As time passed, I continued to take an interest in the Internet. I began by studying the files Microsoft FrontPage generated in middle school. My newly learned skills led to a paid gig for a local business organization. I set up and then maintain the website for $50 a month, which I did for about two years. Eventually, I got into PHP and graphic arts by the time I was in high school. Two very different interests before a UI Developer was a thing.

By my senior year, I decided I wanted to study graphic arts or web design at college. To my surprise I found a degree that combined the two. So, I signed up and received my degree in Graphic Arts & Web Design. Luckily, I scored a paid internship while taking my college courses. My internship allowed me to practice design and development skills in a professional environment. After graduating, I was offered a full-time position to design, develop, and launch a new company website.

Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic companies using various tech stacks. I now work for a Fortune 100 company and use React to create web apps. React is an excellent way to develop sustainable web apps, and I enjoy working with it. As always, I continue to learn and get training to help develop myself as a UI Developer.

Design and development have become real passions of mine over the years. I started this blog so I can share my passion with others. I'll share interesting new things I’ve learned, some of my favorite techniques when tackling everyday situations in development, design-related topics, and I also plan to throw in some gadget reviews.

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me if you've made it this far.

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